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The saved files. Merging and saving will start as soon as the dialog opens. The progress indicator shows the progress. You can stop the merging process with Cancel Merging [2]or restart it with Restart Merging [1].

Once the merging and saving has finished, the resulting output files will be displayed in the box [5].

In-CAD Nesting

Once the merging is completed, the wizard is complete, and you cannot go back to any step. However, it's easy to reverse the process by clicking Remove Existing Merged Parts [3].

This will allow you to.

exocad milling

There is only one option in merging Optimize for better free-forming or selective laser melting [4] see explanation below. If your constructions are to be produced using selective laser melting SLM, often incorrectly referred to as "laser sintering"the output data must be a "watertight" mesh with certain specific characteristics:.

The figure above shows a sectional view of the junction between connector and pontic, with SLM optimization left and without SLM optimization right.

exocad milling

For milling, it is not mandatory that these special requirements are met. The post-processing for SLM involves time-consuming calculations, which is why the SLM optimizations controlled by checkbox [4] are only performed by default if a laser-melted material is selected in the DentalDB.

Click 'Finish' to close the wizard. You're done now, you may close the CAD window and proceed to the next job. Alternatively, you can still perform additional modifications on the construction by closing the wizard and using the context menu. See section "Changing a finished reconstruction" for details. Imprint About exocad documentation Privacy policy.

Search Search. Toggle navigation. Main Page Recent changes Help Log in. Saving restorations. Jump to: navigationsearch. This page documents exocad's software releases from on. See documentation for older versions. Even if not using laser melting for production, it is helpful to enable the optimization for laser melting, if you plan to perform additional freeforming on the finished construction.

You can also set the default for this process of "optimization for laser melting" to be always on.

exocad milling

Recommended reading: Visualizing contacts and occlusionsor see Advanced options for expert topics.When designing brides on custom abutments, the software will ensure that all abutments holding the bridge will have the same insertion axis. The design of screwretained bridges, crowns and copings also becomes an easy task. Take advantage of our advanced screw channel design, to simplify subsequent ceramic layering and to minimize risk of chipping.

Implant Module

The positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software with the aid of a scanner that supports virtual articulation as well for perfect patient-specific results. Parameters such as condylar angle, bennet angle and immediate side shift can be adjusted just like on a physical articulator and can also be imported from 3rd party measurement systems through an open, XMLbased format. The bar is designed within the context of full anatomical restorations to be supported.

Attachments or retentions can be added to the design; cylindrical holes or even arbitrary geometries can be cut out in order to bolt or glue pre-fabricated attachments onto the bar. Producing bars with optimal fitting requires an ultraprecise scanning system. Our software features workflow integration with high-precision measurement devices, including tactile scanners, to ensure high process reliability.

Both the design of models with detachable segments using premanufactured bases and the design of monolithic models where only the prepared die is removable are supported.

With the provisional module, individual temporary crowns and bridges can be designed using the eggshell technique. The exoplan viewer functionality is available as an add-on module and requires a graphics card with at least 1.

We recommend to use the bite splint add-on in combination with the Virtual Articulator, for optimal patient specific results. Output files can be either milled or printed. Download exocad programs. Engine Build Older versions of exocad.

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Add-on modules. Custom Abutment Design. Screw-Retained Bridges. Virtual Articulator.The leading white-label dental CAD software: great for beginners, yet powerful in the hands of an expert. More about exocad ChairsideCAD. Our upcoming solution for the creation of orthodontic archive models, virtual tooth setups, bracket placement and more. Save time by working with high-performance software that runs robustly, even when dealing with large and complex cases.

Quick response times and optimal usability help speed up your daily work. Your complex procedures can become more simple and efficient, thanks to our experience working closely with dental professionals like yourself, creating more accessible dental software for the digital age. You can rely on us to create software that you will continue to appreciate and profit from.

Our product has proven its stability time and time again, because we always pay the greatest attention to quality and to detail.

Our reliable updates provide new possibilities that are always driven by your needs. Our software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Since our foundation inour dedicated team of engineers and researchers has consistently developed state-of-the-art innovations for the dental industry.

As the independent and hardware-neutral technology provider, our goal is to push the limits of digital dentistry through software solutions. CAD design for labs. More about exocad DentalCAD. CAD design for clinicians New. Implant planning New. More about exoplan.

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Orthodontics Preview. More about exocad Ortho. More about exocam. More about exoscan. More about dentalshare. Why experts trust our digital dentistry solutions Faster workflows, improved proficiency Save time by working with high-performance software that runs robustly, even when dealing with large and complex cases.

Reliability you can trust You can rely on us to create software that you will continue to appreciate and profit from. More good reasons for your special needs: For dental technicians.Main Discussion. Latest: screw channel angulation shape mehdi mardaniApr 13, at AM. Latest: Exoplan 2. KimooFeb 16, Latest: HyperDent anybody? Discussions: Messages: 1, Discussions: 67 Messages: Latest: Searching for ortho software Dental DigitalJan 24, Discussions: 90 Messages: Latest: guided surgery cadfanFeb 24, International Forums.

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Tour cadfanFeb 25, If you ask, why Matera? Cause they give the names of their releases in honor of the Cultural Capitals of Europe. The new release of DentalCAD 2. Skip to content. Exocad crack DentalCAD 2. Buy program crack. FullDenture Module now supports various types of manufacturing process, including milling in two steps, printing bases for removable dentures and monolithic restorations for example, for fitting A new exoprint tool to ensure uninterrupted workflow with a 3D printer.

The implant library is now supplied separately from the program, which significantly reduces the size of the package being loaded. Users with a current subscription to updates can download the latest implant library from their new download page.

Improved support for working with a digital stylus including dynamic pressure based on Windows Ink. Advanced implant libraries with more accurate design parameters and optimal integration with Exoplan DentalCAD 2. Our Work Process. Analyzing protocol. Dongle envelopes. Recovering dongle. Custom engineering. Smile Designer PRO crack 3. PlastyCAD 1. HyperDent 9. Exoplan 2. Dolphin Imaging Digital Smile System 1. Your Name. Your E-mail.

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Your Message.Rapid collaboration by exchanging cases from within the exocad software platform. We use next-generation compression technology, combined with a robust transfer protocol, so that even big datasets travel through unreliable mobile network connections and restrictive firewalls with ease. For example, the recipient can start downloading a large file before the sender has finished uploading it.

exocad milling

All transfers utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology and are fully verified once received. For maximum reliability and fast network throughput, exocad operates its own redundant, distributed server infrastructure with multiple gigabit internet connections and server locations around the world.

Try it now by using our free web-based 3D STL viewer. Just click the link and open a 3D file of your choice:. Open web-based 3D STL viewer.

On all devices. Wherever you go. The new way of sharing interactive 3D previews of your exocad CAD designs. Try out free of charge! We know some information you will not want to share with the recipient of your dataset. For example, a dental technician sending a dataset to another lab for milling might not want to disclose the dentist he works for.

Why choose exocad? Our products. Implant planning exoplan More about exoplan. Orthodontic exocad Ortho More about exocad Ortho. Production exocam More about exocam. Scanning exoscan More about exoscan.As with all medical devices, certain restrictions for market access may apply, depending on the specific local legal rules and the regulatory clearance status for the subject jurisdiction.


The user of the CADCAM system is responsible for ensuring that the use of the CADCAM system including the materials and milling blanks used or manufactured are in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of your respective country. Important Documents for 3Shape Users read before use. Manual To use Implant Bar and Bridge indication, it is essential to read this instruction.

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Regulatory Due to country specific regulatory components might not be available in your market. For more information, please contact your local contact person or check the product availability.

Important Documents for exocad Users read before use. Read our privacy notice. Third-party systems Easing complexity through connectivity. Download Center.

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Contact us. For further questions please contact your local Straumann representative. To place your order, please download the Straumann Order Tool. Download as zip.

Software Download Center. Clear filters. Straumann Implant Borne centralized Milling Version - 3. Straumann Model Analogs local Printing Version 1.

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